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The Writing Challenge

Take the Dare - Challenge Your Friends - Write

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This Community is in place for those who want to hook up and do writing challenges with one another. Challenges are flexible, usually in bursts of ten to fifteen minutes. Once finished, you compare word counts (if available) or discuss defeats and victories.

When you join the group, please take the time to fill in the following so people can add you or try to arrange a writing challenge with you if interested. If you do not feel comfortable with answering a question, don't answer it. :)

Favorite Writing Genre:
Type of Stories: (Novel, Novella, Short Stories, Flash, etc.)
Published: (Yes, No)

This group caters to writers of all genres. You are welcome no matter what you write: Poetry, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Mystery, Fan Fiction, Mainstream, Romance, etc etc. If you are worried about being a black sheep when it comes to your genre, fear not. Black sheep are welcome. Pink ones, too. Even blue, if you are so inclined.