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Yesterday, it seems I had a brain fart and posted the writing challenge to my own personal journal instead.


It was on Shadows, for those interested.

Today, you can write about Water.

Yes, water. You know, that stuff that makes up most of your body? uh huh. Plain, old, boring water.

So, lets see if we can make it not so boring, yes?

In other news, I will be out of town as of this evening. If someone else wants to take the reins and post stuff, go right ahead.

If you don't, here are a few to keep you busy.

Singing. Wind. Tea. Your Favorite Cup.

That should cover you until I'm back. I hope. ;) (While I am gone, I'll try to get some challenges written.)

I submitted my story "Flight" to Alienskin e-zine. Wish me lucks! (Hopefully something good will come out of it...)
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